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Best Inguinal Hernia Treatment in Chennai

The Inguinal Hernia is a bulge in the groin (the area amidst abdomen and upper thigh of the body). It occurs when the anterior abdominal wall is broken and organs like  small intestine, sticks through the hole of the inguinal canal sac. This type of a hernia is the mostly seen in men.

Causes of Inguinal hernia:
Causes of congenital inguinal hernia result  from the stage of fetal development, as it  is not completed to form the inside of the abdominal wall . When a hernia occurs in young people, the abdominal organs may even reach the scrotum through the abdominal canal . In young women, the fallopian tubes and ovaries travel through the inguinal canal to the major labia.


There are several reasons that can increase pressure in the abdomen thereby increases the chances of hernia:
* Cough
* vomiting
*  Lifting of heavy objects
* Chronic constipation
* Pregnancy
* Overweight
In rare cases, tumors in the anus

In most cases, symptoms are not visible enough to notice . However, sometimes there may be discomfort or pain. The discomfort may be worse when standing up , straining or lifting heavy objects.

An inguinal hernia is often manifested by the following symptoms :
* Patients have a visible swelling and can be easily felt
* Suffer pain  while loading weight and toileting
* Hernia will appear on  the affected side accompanied by pain that gets worse         under pressure

The operation is a safe method, since the treatment success rate is 95%. The operation is performed, whenever possible, with general anesthesia. In the case of  a small hernia , local anesthesia is sufficient.

We offer Best Hernia Treatment in Chennai with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff.

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