Thursday, 11 May 2017

Robotic Surgery for Hernia

Robotic surgery makes uses of a robotic arm with really tiny tools attached to its end. Over time there are huge technological developments, which have enabled systems to aid rightly in surgical procedures. Any minor limitations of minimally invasive surgeries are overcome with the help of robotically-assisted surgery. The instruments are all controlled either with a computer or a remote. All the normal movements related to the surgery are carried out with the robotic arm and under the guidance of the manipulator. The da Vinci surgical system is presently the most advanced robotic technology, which facilitates complex surgeries using a minimally invasive approach for gynaecological surgeries, cardiac valve repairs and even more.

What are the benefits of robot assisted hernia repair?
  • Diagnostic abilities are greatly improved.
  • Duration of hospitalization is cut down.
  • Reduced pain and discomfort.
  • Greater precision.
  • Remote surgical control.
  • Robotic arms are steadier.
  • Provides greater dexterity and restores hand and eye coordination.
  • Visualization is enhanced.
  • Blood loss and transfusions are greatly reduced.
  • Scarring is really less.
Hernia repair with robotic surgery
All the different types of hernia can be easily repaired with robot assisted surgery. It is the most advanced minimally invasive techniques, where the surgeon controls just a robotic arm with the help of a computer. Surgery is the only option for hernia.
Hernia Management Centre is one of the famous centre in Chennai that deals with almost all types of hernia.It is better to treat it as soon as it is detected because hernias can create dangerous complications & pain. The best solution or treatment for hernia is surgery. Hernia Management Centre provides general, laparoscopic & robotic surgery for hernia according to the need and complications of hernia in each patient.

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