Monday, 27 March 2017

Robotic Hernia Repair Chennai

The advancement in technology is making its presence known in the field of medicine and health care as well. Robotic surgery is now becoming the latest trend, replacing the popular minimally invasive procedure.
Robotic surgery is a robot assisted surgery that enables the doctors to conduct the surgery with a higher degree of precision, speed and accuracy. It is associated with minimally invasive surgery in procedure though it overcomes any imperfection related to the procedure. It can be used in open surgeries as well.

Robotic Surgery Procedure
A robotic surgery system involves a camera arm for imaging of the anatomy of the concerned parts and a mechanical arm, that is connected with instruments required for the surgery. The robotic arms are controlled by the surgeon with the help of a computer console placed near the operating table. The console has a high definition monitor used for displaying the 3D images transmitted by the camera arm.
Advantages of Robotic Surgery
The technique of robotic surgery helps in conducting complex and delicate procedures that were considered impossible in conventional methods. They ensure better flexibility, control and precision in the procedures followed. It offers better prospects for minimally invasive surgeries.
Other advantages of robotic surgery include fewer complications due to infections, negligible bleeding or blood loss, shortened recovery period and smaller scars or marks.
Robotic surgery is a relatively new branch of surgery procedure and hence the machines and infrastructure are not available commonly. While opting for this procedure, ensure the quality of infrastructure and expertise of the surgeon conducting it for better results.
Robotic Surgery at Hernia Management Centre
Hernia Management Centre, based in Chennai offers robotic surgery option amongst others for treatment of hernia and other disorders. With an advanced infrastructure and qualified experts, the centre has successfully treated a number of disorders with their advanced robotic surgery methods.

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